Why sprout daisy in early April? But listen.

But first, look how cool. These are prints of real flowers and leaves, covered with gold leaf. The case when "richly" and "elegantly" go hand in hand and do not argue. Many of you are surely doing this for Easter: they attach flower leaves to an egg and lower it into a herbal decoction, and when the leaves are removed, thin prints remain on the egg, as on relics of the prehistoric era :) Here it’s about the same, only in gold :) The Kharkiv artist Masha Titarenko makes this amazing beauty; technique using dried flowers and leaves - The author's machine, nowhere else have we met analogues.

For those who are interested, we will tell you about the stages of the process. So, the basis for the decor can be a wooden board, the MDF panel is also used here, as it is more stable to warpage. Next is the good old gesso, chalky ground, used for writing icons. After smoothing and grinding to an ideal surface, the levkas is covered with several layers of polymer - specially prepared colored clay of very fine grinding. It is again polished to a satin shine. Then a puddle of vodka is poured onto the surface coated with the polymer and a sheet of tinsel is applied, in our case it is silver leaf. At a certain point in the drying of vodka, the silver-coated surface must be polished with a special agate stone, a “tooth,” as gilders say. It is very important to correctly determine the moment for polishing, it is always different, it depends on the season, humidity, soil composition, well, and if everything is done diligently, the surface is obtained as in polished metal, you can see your reflection :) This is a rather expensive part of the process, but thanks to it, an amazing shine inherent in semiprecious stones and perfect smoothness appear. And then the machine know-how: prints of dried flowers and leaves. This is possible while the surface has not yet completely dried. Dried leaves are applied and smoothed with the same agate tooth. The most difficult part in this project was that it was in early April, when the grass cover was still, frankly, scarce, and the artist needed to be covered with a dream: a weed plant, but it was very textured. Therefore, Masha sprouted a dream: under the film. But that is not all. To add charms to antique silverware, Maria applied a layer of patina, a solution that causes rapid oxidation of the metal, and finally a protective layer of varnish. (on a photo - samples in time, working limits)


When the form is concise and simple, the lines are self-sufficient and clear, and the material is noble, it is not a sin to resort to a rich, expensive decor.

In a previous post, we showed plates with imprints of dried flowers and leaves frozen in silver leaf. Recall that this is the author’s technique of the young Kharkov artist Maria Titarenko. We used these “panels” in the decor of the bathroom shelves made of our favorite American walnut (veneer and solid wood). Laconic form - and elegantly luxurious material in addition: a formula that almost never fails. The combination of strict straight lines, geometric shapes (rectangles, parallelepipeds) and sophisticated chic decorative materials are characteristic of individual branches of the Vienna Secession and late art deco - great styles that we regularly inspire. (Remember what the Secession Exhibition Building in Vienna looks like? Discreet geometric shapes - and luxurious gilded bay leaves.)

And tapering legs with metal tips are a legacy of the Directory's austere style. Having stumbled upon a marriage, to make technology out of it - here it is, a sure sign of a professional;) For one of the objects, the artist and I, Maria Titarenko, made panels with grooves (something like a flute, only on the plane and horizontally). Initially, the grooves were supposed to be slightly tinted and a translucent glaze applied. We tried to achieve the desired effect on a small fragment. But the craftsmen hastened to apply the top coat of paint, the bottom layer of varnish was not dry enough - and ... it turned out craquelure. Unexpected, but very cool.