We have 20 years’ experience in creating furniture and wooden interiors which can talk. In your house they will talk about you and your achievements.
We do not “use wood” – we work with wood. Wood is our partner which helps to create that world where you and all whom you love will feel good.
Wenge, Makassar ebony, black walnut, etimoe, mutene, rosewood, platanus, koto, zirikote, kevazingo, sapele, merbau, meranti, makore, tamo, zebrano, camphor, madrone, lacewood, olive, bay, tineo, padouk, purple heart… Each name has a history and is surrounded by a spirit of those distant lands where these trees were growing. We work with wood from Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.
We reveal amazing properties of texture and compose a harmonious polyphony of non-repeating wooden patterns.
Where necessary, we can use other materials – thanks to our cooperation with the best regional masters working in glass, metal, and stone.

How we work:
First of all, we try to understand what specific needs you have. We can work directly with you – or with your designer in case you delegate to him/her the responsibility to make choices and decisions.
After that we create a layout design of your furniture, a project design of the product, and if it is exactly what you wanted, it is then the task of our technologists to develop a structural design to ensure that everything fits perfectly and will serve for more than one generation.
We work in harmonious partnerships with our clients and expect you not only to express your bold wishes and love for wood, but also to show meticulous attention to smallest detail.

Wall panels, furniture, doors, sliding systems and other interior elements — they are all produced in our carpentry workshops. We work with masters who have decades of experience, who dedicated their whole lives to working with wood, and we also work with young professionals. Both the young and the old constantly master the most advanced technologies.
Everything that we produce for you we install ourselves. Our masters work parts into place adjusting every millimeter so that every movement in the interior will bring pleasure and comfort.

How we appeared
Our company was set up 20 years ago thanks to the passion its founder Sergey Zakharenko had for wood and noble interiors. At that time, there was practically no joinery in Ukraine that could satisfy fine connoisseurs and experts in woodwork. For a person truly in love with wood the only way out was to create his own production.

For twenty years we have been studying expertise of the world masters, learning a lot from our own experience, working out our own know-how. We have proved that it is possible to create a joinery business in Ukraine with a product competing with global brands.