Where to hide the TV: tips and interesting interior solutions

How to hide the TV is an urgent issue in the modern design of apartments. We offer to analyze interesting ideas for the implementation of practical solutions. We can help you if the TV does not fit into the concept of your interior. If you like to watch your favorite shows, but do not want to see the TV screen as part of the visual noise in the interior? We will also help you with this and tell you how you can hide a TV with ease and grace by decorating it with designer tricks. Most often, a television screen takes up space on a wall or on a TV stand, which looks ordinary and uninteresting. The occupied part of the TV space can be used more rationally and modernly. So, today we will teach you how to hide the “black box” under the designer veil.

Sliding panels Consider the first simple and easy way to hide your home screen is the sliding panel. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of sliding panels that will satisfy any customer demand. Sliding panels will be an excellent solution for the implementation of any design project in your home and will help to hide from the eyes of your “favorite”. Panels with swivel mechanism Consider the second option with panels, but already with swivels. This method of disguise is similar to the first, but it is more filigree. The swivel panels with the screen, when turned through 180 °, take up more space and are suitable for spacious interiors. With this method of "disguise" European designers like to work in a loft style. Mirrors The third option will be mirrored doors. Most often, designers use this option in a small room to visually expand the space. This is a very promising and beautiful way to help not only clean the space from visual noise, but also emphasize the exquisite style in the interior. Remote Control Paintings The fourth elegant way to veil the TV under the picture is suitable for lovers of beautiful and high art. The picture should become an accent bright spot in your interior and fit into it well. With the help of a remote control you can control the picture, it will serve as a decorative veil for your informative screen. Cupboard The fifth is a very simple but fabulous option for the kitchen offered by our designers. This is to hide the TV in a wall cabinet with closers and send your "pet" to Narnia. Where to place the wall-mounted cabinet-narnia you will be helped by the design project. Photo Frames Now let's look at the sixth no less creative way — it's frames with photos with a rotary mechanism. It looks like a two-sided blackboard: one side is black flat, the other side with a photo in the frame. Very interesting, not beaten and stylish option for modern and youth design. Countertop Seventh is a way with the extended functionality of ordinary furniture. The usual table or TV stand with a tabletop opening on closers will be an excellent solution for preserving the TV.


The following suggestion will not make you think long about how to make TV a highlight in the interior

Functional wall Consider the eighth modern and technological way. Thanks to modern high technology, the TV screen is mounted in the mirror surface of the wall. The functionality of the mirror wall can be expanded using the same high technologies and mounted in it biofireplace under the screen. Console The following suggestion will not make you think long about how to make TV a highlight in the interior. The design console for an individual project will help you. Movable mounts The final high-tech way to mask a flat-panel TV-picture. For such TVs, the picture is already designed on the screen. The TV is mounted to the ceiling using the wss universal powerful bracket. Control is carried out using the remote control, these high-tech systems allow the TV to travel directly from the ceiling to the distance you need and at the right angle. The installation of flat panel TVs on the ceiling is done by professionals. We hope that the advice of our professionals will be useful to you, and you will be satisfied with the new interior solution.