We have always worked on our own production base. Ours is a complete production cycle, from procurement of lumber to finishing with paint-and-lacquer materials.
We use modern industrial equipment, which allows us to treat wood as carefully as possible and to manufacture elements of the most complex forms.
But the greatest miracles are created by hands, that is why our craftsmen do the finishing work on each element by hand.

Our workshop consists of sections with separate functions. At the preparation section our craftsmen cut out wood blocks and wooden sheet materials, calibrate and trim parts, cover them with veneer. Depending on the task, we use hot, vacuum, or cold pressing.

At the machining section the parts are formatted and milled, after which they go to pre-assembly.

The grinding and sanding section is another area of great responsibility. Here with the help of equipment and with mandatory manual trimming our masters prepare products for the final finishing.

Finally, the paint-and-lacquer section. What happens here is extremely important for the wood not to fall silent, for its textures, patterns, and tones to continue to speak. After priming (up to three layers depending on the type of finish) comes the finish coating. What it will be — we decide only together with you: we bring and show you samples of what the color and texture will look like after tinting, painting, varnishing, patinating, aging, and other treatment methods.

We use only certified materials which conform to world sanitary norms.
Wenge, Makassar ebony, black walnut, etimoe, mutene, rosewood, platanus, koto, zirikote, kevazingo, sapele, merbau, meranti, makore, tamo, zebrano, camphor, madrone, lacewood, olive, bay, tineo, padouk, purple heart… – the list of what we can offer is far from complete.

We mostly use fittings by two global brands: Blum and Hafele, but can work with other manufacturers if necessary.

For many years, SV Group has been collaborating with craftsmen who create stained glass windows, mirrors, work with glass, metal, and stone. When we work with contractors from related industries, we coordinate the whole process and are responsible for the result.
We like it when craftsmen find new techniques and solutions: this allows us to introduce special details into a wide variety of interiors.