For the designer

The designer and the architect are people without whom our work has no meaning. During any project we try to build partnerships in which mutual respect, ability to hear each other, to meet demands as precisely as possible are extremely important. In this partnership our area of responsibility covers quality control, deadlines, and the perfect correspondence of the result to the project design.

We can start work before the appearance of a design project. For the sake of everyone’s convenience we use CAD – computer-aided design and calculation systems.
Here you can choose material, find inspiration, ask questions to our masters and technologists, and see for yourself the quality of the future performance.
We find constructive solutions for what the designer / architect and the client have come up with rather than adjusting appearances to production capabilities.

When we work with contractors from related fields (craftsmen who work with glass, stone, metal, and so on) – we establish the communication process and are responsible for it. Together with the designer we promptly modify the project taking into account construction realities.

Depending on the designer’s idea, we can preserve the natural texture and color of the tree, or we can change them by using tinting, painting, varnishing, or applying decorative elements (patinating, aging, and so on).
We can offer standard color solutions or find new, special tones with you.

We use wood material of both local and exotic wood species. We have developed our own know-how in working with both maple, oak, walnut (common in our neck of the woods) and with various species of redwoods and blackwoods.