Just as a theater begins with a hanger and a homeland with a primer, so the project of this house began, oddly enough, from an office.

In the classrooms, I admit, not one dog was eaten. This is because if other spaces may well be realized with a predominance of stone, plastic, metal, anything in the interior, then the cabinet still requires wood. It has always been so, and our time has not changed anything in this.

Traditionally, one of the most successful materials for an office is an American nut. It is concise and at the same time deep, elegantly rich and noblely expressive. But you don’t always have to go the beaten path, so Maryna Pugachova and I chose the bird eye maple for this office.


With the bird's eye, traditionally, a lot of trouble.

For example, before tinting, the wood must be completely discolored, otherwise the final shade will be “yellowed” (Italian woodworkers invented such a painting technology, for which many thanks to them :). Toning in itself is also a whole story - after all, you need to achieve a uniform color, while preserving these same "eyes", since it is in them that the whole essence.

The bird's eye array is almost never used. In any case, we do not know anyone who would use it and, thus, hide all the beauty inside. But for veneering it is perfect: it's like assembling a puzzle without a pre-laid out cheat sheet :)